Turmeric Health Benefits

Turmeric diabetes

Studies have shown that turmeric has a positive effect on increased levels. The decisive factor is above all the ingredient curcumin. In one experiment, researchers administered 250 milligrams of curcumin to volunteers over a period of nine months.

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The participants were people suffering from prediabetes. Pre-diabetes is insulin resistance that can, under certain circumstances, lead to diabetes. At the end of the study, there was no person in the experimental group whose insulin resistance turned into diabetes. In the group that did not receive curcumin, however, 16 percent of the volunteers had diabetes.

The secondary diseases of diabetes are devastating. Therefore, early treatment is important. However, this is not only the domain of orthodox medicine. Curcuma can reduce the effects of the secondary diseases of diabetes.

The spice has an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and cell-protective effect. Thus it minimizes the explosiveness of diabetes secondary diseases, which are caused by damage to the cell and vessel walls. The secondary illnesses thus break out later due to turmeric, run milder or are more tolerable.

Diabetes is not yet fully developed in prediabetics. As a rule, insulin resistance is present. Insulin resistance limits the reaction of the body cells to the substance insulin.

The blood sugar level is no longer sufficiently reduced. However, turmeric can reduce insulin resistance, making the cells more receptive to the substance again. Insulin attaches to the cells and contributes significantly to the absorption of sugar from the blood into the cells. Overall, the blood sugar level is regulated and insulin resistance is reduced.

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