Turmeric Health Benefits

Turmeric vs. Curry

Once these spices have been processed into powder, it is difficult to find a significant difference between curry and turmeric with the naked eye.

With almost the same color and similar smell, they look very similar! However, they are very different and you will be surprised by one or the other of these spices in terms of taste, use or even benefits. We will gladly tell you a little more.

If you will find turmeric in curry, but no curry in turmeric, this is simply because turmeric is a pure spice derived from a kind of root like ginger. Curry, however, is a mixture of 5 to 50 spices – depending on customs and regions – which of course contains turmeric, which by the way gives it its beautiful golden color. There is also green and red curry, these are other spice mixtures.

A second difference lies in the use. Turmeric is mainly used to color dishes yellow and also as a remedy. As we will see later, turmeric is a “magic” spice and full of positive properties. As for the curry, it is added to dishes and sauces to give them more pep. The mixture is very aromatic, sometimes even hot.

The benefits

It is always good to eat curry because it is good for your health. But the focus is more on turmeric because it has great advantages. Turmeric is the favorite of nutritionists and followers of “good food”, although it is actually used as a remedy. It is used for example in Ayurvedic medicine and is known as a spice for longevity. In addition, it is apparently used regularly to reduce inflammation, prevent cancer, and protect the brain from Alzheimer’s disease.

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