Chef Kalt’s Ideas to Eat Superfoods throughout the Day

Superfoods are good for health but you can’t just survive on superfoods alone, so Chef Steven Kalt, a highly acclaimed chef and restaurateur shares with you a good way that can help you eat superfoods throughout the day without getting yourself deprived of your favorite dishes. Superfoods are best when you have them sprinkled in your diet throughout the day.

If you are one of those who would not like to sacrifice taste and flavor for health, here are some great ways that can help you enjoy both a delicious and healthy plate.

Eat light and fresh:

As per Kalt, the best way to ensure that you stay healthy is to eat lighter, fresher and cleaner foods and these will superfoods. You can bank on a delicious variety of fresh produce that are both raw and cooked. Some of the most recommended superfoods by Kalt are mushrooms, kale, and onions, and you can have them less cooked for best results as this will ensure that the nutrition is intact.

You can start the day with a healthy breakfast comprising of eggs, and include other superfoods such as kale, onion, mushrooms, avocado and a side of berries including the strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, goji berries, and so on.

Kale and mushrooms?

Kale is anti- inflammatory and it helps in protecting the blood vessels by significantly neutralizing the oxidative stress. The mushrooms help boost the immunity levels of the body by increasing the activity and production of the white blood cells. Onions comprise of compounds which fight infection and bacteria-induced diseases. While, berries contain strong anti-inflammatory properties that help purify the blood.

Phyto-nutrients and minerals?

Various researchers have managed to discover nearly a million phytonutrients or plant chemicals that help in providing protection to individuals in some way or the other. They contain high amounts of vitamins, minerals and fiber that together help in deliver mouth watering and healthy food. While raw superfoods are best, there are some nutrients such as lycopene present in tomatoes that enhance when it’s heated.

Kalt’s complete superfood day comprises of egg dish, chicken, shaved veggies sandwich, almonds, dates, and kale salad. So, try this diet and get back your super body!

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