Maca: An Effective Superfood for Fertility?

Maca roots have been considered as a powerful aphrodisiac for millennia, and why not? Scientific researchers have shown that maca can dramatically increase the sexual desires in individuals, and also boost the fertility levels in men and women. The superfood effectively increases a woman’s ability to conceive and this is because the production of luteneinizing hormone rises significantly with the use of maca.
Maca’s effect on men’s fertility:

Recent experiments to prove the sexual power enhancing capability of maca showed that men who consumed maca in their diet on a regular basis had a higher level of semen quantity as well as quality, and the sperm cells also had higher motility. Several men have reported that eating maca has helped them reduce occurrences of erectile dysfunction, and this enables them to achieve better sexual performance.

Maca’s effect on women’s fertility

Similarly, women who included the maca superfood in their diet experienced a significant improvement in libido and fertility. They also experienced the much needed relief from PMS or premenstrual syndrome, and the menopausal symptoms that include hot flashes, night sweats,  mood swings, stress, fatigue, chronic sleeplessness and so on.

The various health benefits of maca are much more than the normal aphrodisiac properties. The hormones in the body not only manage the reproductive health and physical development, but also control the mood swings.

When you add this superfood to your diet, it helps your mind and body get rid of depression, anxiety, and stress. Consumption of maca increases the energy levels in individuals and this helps them face the various challenges in life with ease and with a positive mind.

How does maca work?

Maca is available both in powder form and well as in the pill form. The powdered maca contains 60 vital phytonutrients that make it one of the most nutrient-rich natural superfoods available. Maca is also a rich source of dietary fiber, protein, calcium, carbohydrates, fructose, iron, magnesium, essential fatty acids, and vitamins B1, B2, and C.

Scientists and researchers have classified maca root as an adaptogen food which means that it helps in increasing the resistance level of human body, and its adaptability to environment and stress around. The superfood is rich in nutritional value, and it contains and special properties wherein lies the secret of Andes people who live in the oxygen-thin altitudes in the mountain regions, yet lead a healthy life.

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