What Are The Best Herb ; Garden Designing Tips?

A greenhouse full of green vegetable produce. Ultimate Superfoods

Are you looking for the best herb garden design? Designing an herb garden can be tiring, but definitely fun!

– You can design your own herb garden, to make it more personalized.
– There are many things to consider when designing an herb garden.
– It’s very practical to grow your own herbs at home.

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Owner of Manor Farms, Jane Petry owns Manor Farm Herbs, generously gives us her advice on designing our own herb gardens at home.

According to her, it doesn’t really matter what size the garden is, what matters most is the location. Culinary herbs, except mint, require a warm and sunny area with dry, fertile, and rich soil.

It is important to consider the location of the kitchen too, especially since you will be using these herbs when cooking. You have two choice when in comes to designing an herb garden. It can either be Formal or Informal. The herb you choose to grow will also largely depend on your needs.

To know more about herbal garden designs and good choices for herbs to plant, read the full article here: http://www.smallholder.co.uk