The holistic medicine approach distinguishes itself from the widely used and sometimes misused term of holistic medicine and extends it by decisive aspects. Holistic medicine not only encompasses the view of the unity of body, mind and soul, but also looks at the individual in relation to his environment, to cosmic, climatic and seasonal influences. The basic assumption is that a person who cannot live his inner destiny and disregards the laws of the cosmos and nature inevitably develops physical and mental health disorders.

Arthritis Alternative Treatment Available?

Are alternative arthritis treatments available on the marktet? When you visit the doctor for your arthritis pain, you may be prescribed medications to help with the symptoms and any other discomforts. And you should follow your doctors recommendations. And also look for additional solutions.

Hemorrhoid When Pregnant?

Pregnancy has certain favourable factors for hemorrhoids. The pregnancy hormones dilate the blood vessels and loosen the tissues of the body. Fact is, the growing uterus, but also fat deposits or water retention make it difficult for the blood to flow back into the vessels. The leg and pelvic veins are particularly sensitive. Pregnancy often …

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