The Superfood List – You Should Know These 17 Super-Foods

Superfoods List

Here’s the superfood list with the most popular superfoods. By now, everyone should really know them by now. But what distinguishes Carob from Cocoa nibs and why are Goji berries so healthy? Whether local berries, green smoothies or exotic grains: More and more foods are now turning out to be so-called superfoods.

We explain which criteria superfoods must meet, which foods belong to them, and what you should pay attention to.


Carob powder is made from the dried and roasted fruits of the carob tree and has a chocolate-like taste. In contrast to cocoa, however, carob does not contain any stimulating substances such as theobromine or caffeine. Instead, it has a positive effect on digestion with its high fibre density.

The main countries producing Carob are Spain and Italy, followed by Cyprus, Turkey and Greece. The carob pod tastes pleasantly sweet. A bit like honey, slightly chocolaty. For raw food lovers: don’t give your children raw chocolate, rather use Carob, which is more digestible and not quite as stimulating for children.

You can eat the pod completely, but you should wash it first.

The next superfood on the list is crunchy and chocolaty. To learn more, hit the next page button below, now!

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