The Superfood List – You Should Know These 17 Super-Foods


The South American berry has a high content of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids. It has a positive effect on your skin because it supports cell renewal, strengthens the immune system. Acai is popular with athletes thanks to its high protein content and is even said to help you lose weight. Most popular use: In smoothies and acai bowls.

The Acai berries are the fruits of the Euterpe oleracea which is a South American palm species. Mainly in Brazil the fruits and the palm hearts are used as food. There the palm is called açaizeiro and the fruit acai.

The acai berries measure 1 to 2 cm and are dark brown. Like the blueberry, the acai berries have a greyish matt veil on the surface when they are fresh and untouched.

However, the acai berries have a core and can therefore be clearly distinguished from the blueberry. The core makes up about 90% of the berry and is not edible. All the more nutrients should be in the skin and flesh of the acai berries.

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