Superfood: Chaga Mushroom 🍄

What are Chaga Mushrooms? If you have not listened to of the medical Chaga mushroom, this short article is for you. The Inonotus obliquus is a fungi that increases on trees by feeding off the lignins without ruining the honesty of the tree itself.

It doesn’t look like a regular mushroom with a top and also stem.

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Beta glucans enhance the immune system, however is not produced by the body. It is found in grains like oats, wheat, rye, and also barley besides particular mushrooms. This immune reaction protects us from breast, tummy and intestines cancers cells.

What are the minerals?

Betulinic acid is an anti-inflammatory and also antiretroviral broker that is also located in the bark of trees. It is thought to hinder melanoma and also has actually been studied by the National Cancer cells Institute as a treatment for some cancers.

Chaga is additionally considered one of the majority of effective adaptogens or compounds that promotes homeostasis in the physical body.

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Its even helpful for your skin. Chaga has the highest melanin content in any food which works as a genetics guard. Melanin, a pigment generated in the skin of all animals, could safeguard the skin from sunlight damages along with hair and eyes.

It stops UV radiation harm from the sunlight. Most of us understand how UV harm has the tendency to age the skin prematurely.

Right here are the minerals and vitamins:

vitamin B2
vitamin D2
potassium. rubidium and cesium
I directly appreciate it as a brewed tea, so I buy the ground powder on amazon. I locate the preference similar to orange pekoe tea with a little bit of a natural taste.