Pineapple Juice Is More Effective Than Cough Syrup?

Pineapple Juice Is More Effective Than Cough Syrup

Did you know that Pineapple Juice Is More Effective Than Cough Syrup? Drinking pineapple juice now has a much healthier reason. If you are having cough then you can benefit from it as it is known to be 500% more useful in stopping cough.

This is mainly due to a substance called Bromelain that is present in the juice and this is known to have anti-inflammatory characteristics that help fight bacteria and other infections. Pineapples are actually a superfood.

Pineapple Juice Is Source of Vitamin C?

Also it is a rich source of Vitamin C and one glass can provide you with half the amount of vitamin C your body requires in the entire day. You can benefit greatly by drinking unprocessed pineapple juice, preferably homemade with a pinch of pepper, salt, some ginger and one tablespoon honey.

Bromelain is a powerful anti-inflammatory

It is also assumed that a certain amount of the Bromelain in pineapple juice is absorbed by the body directly, and that it works to lessen inflammation helping to relieve conditions like arthritis. In Germany Bromelain is specifically approved for treating inflammation and swelling of the nose, typically post sinus surgery.

Choosing unprocessed natural pineapple juice instead of processed cough medicines

If you’ve got an annoying cough that is simply caused through an irritation or is brought on by the common cold, you’ll do yourself far more good by reaching for natural pineapple rather than an OTC cough medicine. You’ll find the juice a less expensive option; one that doesn’t contain any nasty ……………… read more on: