Coconut Water – A Miracle?

coconut water

Coconut water is a wonderful thirst quencher, and now it is also considered as a healthy superfood due to a plethora miraculous health benefits. Besides being a refreshing drink, coconut water is also known to contain potassium and several other vital minerals such as calcium, zinc, magnesium, copper, iron, and manganese.

Contains Vitamin C?

The superfood also contains vitamin C; B vitamins; and essential phyto-nutrients like cytokines that is known to prevent cancer, aging and clotting problems. Studies have revealed that this superfood is useful in lowering cholesterol, treating dehydration, and it also contains anti-bacterial properties that help in keeping various health problems at bay.

Many claims made about the health benefits of coconut water and preliminary research suggests that most of these claims are true. Recent studies have shown that coconut water has many benefits, such as:

Lowering blood pressure – a recent study showed that when human subjects drank 4mL of coconut water per 100g of body weight for two weeks, there was a reduction in blood pressure for 74% of them. This reduction was up to 24 points for systolic pressure, and up to 15 points for diastolic pressure; a significant change.

Lowering blood sugar – even though coconut water contains some sugars, a study of diabetic rats indicated that it reduced blood sugar levels and ………… read more about the benefits of coconut water on:

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