Dairy-free Superfoods 🍎 Loaded with 🗿 Calcium ❓

When we think calcium, our mind conjured up images of milk and dairy products, but what if you are lactose intolerant or you are trying to lose weight but your body needs calcium too.

Calcium is an essential mineral in the body, comprising of 1-2 percent of an adult’s body weight. About 99 percent of the calcium is stored in the bones and teeth.

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The body also requires adequate amount of calcium and when it doesn’t get the same from your diet, it extracts calcium from bone tissues, hence leading to bone loss.

The calcium requirements are dependent on the age, and the recommended daily allowance for the adults ranging from the age group 19 to 50 is about 1000 mg. In this post we will tell you about the superfoods that dairy free, yet they contain good amounts of calcium.

Chia seeds:

The chia seeds come first in the list and they contain about 358 mg of calcium, which is much more than whole milk.

These superfoods are also known as the highest plant-based source of omega-3 fatty acids, more than salmon. Chia seeds also contain boron, magnesium, and trace minerals that help in quick absorption of calcium by the body.

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Green superfoods:

The leafy greens are considered as some of the most potent and healthy superfoods on the planet and the foods like kale, turnip greens, and collard greens are awesome sources of calcium.

Enjoy a green juice sorbet with kale for a hearty and healthy summer treat. You may check out the superfoods recipes that contains kale and collards for a healthy meal.

Blackstrap molasses:

They make for an extremely nutritious sweetener which is produced as the byproduct of fine table sugar and raw sugarcane.

Just 2 tsp. serving of the blackstrap molasses contains nearly 12 percent of the RDA of calcium. This molasses are also rich in manganese, copper, potassium and magnesium.

Sesame seeds:

The sesame seeds contain high amounts of calcium and they are also good sources of manganese and copper, vitamins and other vital minerals.

You may sprinkle the seeds on your dishes or salads or make a paste that may be used as dips or salad dressings.

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Some of the other rich sources of calcium that you may include in your superfoods diet are artichoke, broccoli, blackcurrants, fennel, oranges, figs, blackberries, and quinoa.

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