Is It Safe To Have 🍦 Wafers If You Are On A Diet?

Whenever we plan a diet for weight loss, we decide to remove all kinds of sweets from our diet. It becomes tough for those who have a sweet tooth to carry on with such diets for long. This is because it becomes tedious without the sweet and there is always a craving for sweets.

Can we have vanilla wafers in our diet?

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It is hard to find desserts that would satisfy your craving for sweets and yet would not add to your waistline.

However, if you have vanilla and chocolate wafers then you can satisfy your craving for sweets and your weight loss diet would also be able to do the work.

Though these wafers are not as nutritious as food but they are not at all bad if you want to indulge in something that is sweet. Wafers are naturally low in fat and vanilla wafers contain only 6 grams of fat 140 calories.

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Those who are extra cautious about their weight, they should not try and eat more than one vanilla wafer at once. It is better to have half a wafer if you do not want to have more sweets along with your diet.

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