Superfoods Are Perfect for Daily Diets?

Superfoods Are Perfect for Daily Diets

Hemp seeds are described as a “nutritional over-achiever.” Just three tablespoons contain 11 grams of protein along with over 20 amino acids. You can enjoy hemp seeds raw or simply add them to salads to boost the taste. Grind hemp seeds and add them as toppers to baked foods and hot oatmeal for twice the diet benefit. Roasted hemp seeds are a great snack.

The best part of this superfood is it is easy to add to dishes when your diet requires you to count daily points or if you’re on a fast diet that includes purchasing prepared meals.


Wild salmon is best and you can easily find it fresh or frozen at the grocery store. Due to its omega-3 fatty acids , salmon keeps you trim and slim because it’s low in calories and it’s easy to prepare.

Salmon doesn’t require lengthy cooking — 15 minutes or less depending on whether you bake or grill it. And, it’s tasty all on its own although adding a little lemon adds to its natural flavor. Cut it up in salads or add it as a topper to any vegetable.


How easy and quick is it to eat an apple — or add apple slices to a salad? With up to five grams of fiber, apples fill you up and help battle the fat and calories you gain from eating other foods. Beyond adding apples to diet dishes, try eating an apple before you go out to eat. The fiber will fill your tummy and you’ll eat less.


A superfood is one that helps people cut cholesterol and fats from their diet. Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is a root plant from the Andes of Peru and it is touted as a powerful superfood. Peruvians have added Maca to their diet for centuries to gain energy and fertility and because it contains 10 percent protein and seven essential amino acids, it’s quick to add it in powder form to smoothies or shakes.

This root crop has four times more fiber than a potato and five times more protein. Maca produces more energy meaning better workouts and great endurance to help you stay trim.


Like the superfood supplement Maca, Spirulina is a blue-green algae and is available in powder form. It is full of amino acids and also considered to be a complete protein. Spirulina is rich in B complex vitamins, vitamin E, and beta-carotenes.

This superfood is also a great source for zinc, copper, iron, and selenium to help build strong bones and muscles. Easy to add to shakes, juices and smoothies, Spirulina is a fast way to add the vitamins and minerals you need — even if you’re on a quick diet where you’re eating prepared foods or counting points.


Lentils are in the legume family and contain resistant starch (RS). RS is a carbohydrate that can help to burn fat and shrink fat cells.
Lentils come in brown, green, and red varieties and are easy to steam or pan-boil for 15 to 30 minutes depending on size and type.

Add them to low-calorie soups or use as salad toppers. You can also make a quick healthy side dish that includes steamed lentil and ginger mixed with brown rice.

Bee Pollen

You’ve probably seen bee pollen in the supplement aisle but you can also buy it in raw or powdered form and add to shakes and smoothies. It contains protein, amino acids, trace minerals, enzymes, and folic acid. Bee pollen is a great weight stabilizer as it helps to correct chemical imbalances to our body’s metabolism.

If you’re on any weight-loss program adding bee pollen helps to speed up the caloric burn and because it’s low in calories and high in lipoproteins you can also lower your LDL (bad) cholesterol when dieting. Bee pollen is a great natural food supplement to add to any diet.


This superfood comes in low-fat and nonfat and both regular and Greek yogurt contains 20 percent of daily calcium requirements.
Calcium helps to sway cortisol — a hormone that builds body fat — something we don’t want when dieting.

Did you know that if you eat yogurt as part of your diet, you can lose 81 percent more belly fat compared to those that skip it? Yogurt is easy to eat alone or topped with fruit — how quick and easy is that?

Sweet Potatoes

Like lentils, sweet potatoes include resistant starch to help battle body fat. Resistant starches raise peptide hormone levels that tell your brain the tummy is full.
Skip the baked potato and bake a sweet potato instead.

Or head to the freezer section and purchase some organic sweet potato fries that contain no trans-fat to literally help you feel full and lose weight faster.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are available at green grocers in seed and powdered form. They are full of omega-3 fatty acids — in fact, they contain more omega-3 acids that one serving of salmon.

The benefit of adding chia seeds to salads and soups is this superfood expands in your stomach to help make you feel fuller. Chia seed powder can be used in shakes and smoothies and offers the same “I’m full” benefit.


Including quinoa in your diet is easy because it can be eaten as is as cereal or prepared much like rice. Quinoa contains all the essential amino acids.
It also offers superfood slimming powers and builds metabolism to help you stop calories in their tracks.

Quick diets will always be around and we will always be enticed by them. If you add these 11 superfoods to your diet, chances are you’ll lose weight faster.

Gimmick diets rarely work yet all of us try them because they seem easy and promise quick results. Did you know there are superfoods you can add to any diet? Not only help can these 11 superfoods help you lose weight, they are also simple to add to diet meals.

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