What Makes Quinoa a Superfood? | Superfoods Guide


Another one of the Hutus superfoods on the market today is quinoa and the reason why quinoa which is a whole grain is such a popular super food is that it has the eight amino acids that make it a complete protein.

So one of the ways that you can reduce the amount of animal protein in your diet is by crowding in whole grains like quinoa.

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It hasn’t also has an interesting history behind it it comes from South America and was actually used by the Incan Indians and it was their main source of their diet and it was called their mother of grains.

Another thing about Quinoa is it’s known for giving you endurance and the Incan warriors would often eat quinoa before they would go off to battle quinoa also improves kidney lung and heart health.

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So again Quinoa was a great grain to add into your diet go out you can find it in Whole Foods Trader Joe’s it’s even in costco and learn how to prepare this grain.

It’s also the fastest cooking grain you can have it ready in 10 to 12 minutes I personally like to use quinoa for breakfast start my day off in a healthy way so I’ll cook my quinoa and then I’ll add a little honey and some brown sugar and I’ll be fueled up for a great productive morning