Disaster Preparedness With Freeze-Dried Foods?

Disaster preparedness  is important, because food is our most basic need, no wonder this is one of the first things we need to take of when preparing for emergency situations. When a natural or manmade disaster strikes, one of the first things that get impacted is the nation’s food supply.

Preserved foods meant for emergency preparedness come handy during such situations to help you sail through crisis situations without the ‘going getting too tough for you’!

Disaster preparedness with freeze dried foods

Long term food storage and supply have several advantages as you can never predict when your family may get into a situation of crisis. Regardless of the reason that motivates you to store food supply, you must ensure that you choose the right type of processed foods that will last really long when a disaster strikes.

Freeze-drying is one of most effective ways to preserve foods for disaster preparedness. Here are top 10 reasons why you must choose freeze-dried foods for emergency preparedness.

Food texture is great

As compared to dehydrated food, the free-dried process does not alter the shape or texture of the food. They do not look shrunk or shriveled in any way. As moisture is removed by evaporating ice through vacuum, it creates pockets. When water is added, the food fibers look fresh and amazing.

Nutrition value is not lost

When foods are frozen using this specialized method, the nutritional value is retained. This means the amount of vitamins and minerals that were originally present in the food stays the same. Unlike other forms of processed food, free-drying does not strip the foods of their nutrients.

freeze dried food
Disaster Preparedness

Aroma remains intact

The freeze-dried foods are specially prepared by master chefs using high quality ingredients. The process of freeze drying does not tamper the flavor or aroma. So, when you rehydrate the food, it smells and tastes like fresh, with all the original natural flavors intact!

Quick to prepare and serve

The foods to be freeze-dried are first prepared and divided into small serving sizes. They are properly wrapped and frozen. To use a packet of free-dried food you simply need to add hot water to the food and your meal is ready to serve. The ease of use makes freeze-dried foods ideal for astronauts and campers.

Longer storage life helps for disaster preparedness

Freeze-dried foods are ideal for survival preparedness as they boast a shelf life of more than 25 years. These foods can be stored safely without worrying about them getting spoiled because lack of moisture keeps the foods good for over two decades. It’s hard to tell when an emergency situation may arise so having a stock of freeze-dried food at home will ensure that you family does not have to face starvation during tough days.

Saves you from extra costs

Many people are apprehensive about buying freeze-dried foods because they think they cost too much. These foods are expensive no doubt, but consider the fact that they can be kept for as long as 25 years without having to re-stock. The ability to store for so long can save you from additional costs in the long run.

Extremely lightweight

The weight of food is mainly due to the water content and in case of freeze dried foods, 98% of the moisture is removed. As a result, these types of foods are extremely lightweight making it easy to carry along during an emergency evacuation or disaster.

Easy to carry

As freeze-dried foods are extremely lightweight, they can be carried with great convenience. You can buy 3 months to 6 months supply of freeze dried foods and keep them in one place that is quick to access. When an emergency situation arises, you should be able to grab the box and run.

They take less space

Freeze dried foods are available in condensed form before they are vacuum sealed. As a result, even when you buy meal packages in bulk quantity, freeze-dried foods take comparatively less storage space than canned foods.

Helps you survive any kind of disaster

Freeze-dried from of food is not solely meant for the natural disasters or man-made situations. If you face financial crisis at any time, the stock of emergency foods will help you sail through the hard times with ease. This will be a great support when you need to cut down your grocery expenses. You family will still have enough healthy food to eat that will last for several days until you are back on track again.