Emergency Supplies – Dehydrated Vegetables And Fruits?

Whats best emergency supplies? When it comes to superfoods, the dehydrated fruits and vegetables cannot be left out as they contain high amounts of essential nutrients and they form the perfect snack you can have between meals and stay healthy. There are many benefits associated with dehydrated fruits and vegetables and they are given below:

Dehydrated vegetable chips for emergency supplies?

Dried fruit is used primarily as a luxury food today. Dried pieces of pineapple and mangoes have long become a popular snack. However, the origins of dehydration have a completely different background. It was once about preserving food so that it could not only be consumed during the harvest season, but also in the months after or as emergency supplies.

In terms of nutrition, the advantage was enormous, because natural preservation offered the opportunity to continue supplying the body with vitamins and other valuable nutrients that are currently not available in the wild.

Storage and preservation for emergency supplies

Drying or dehydration is one of the most ancient and traditional methods of preserving food, and it helps remove any extra moisture so as to prevent any spoilage or decay.

The foods can be dehydrated using the advanced dehydrators of today and this method makes for a great way or enjoying produce when they are out of season. This is an awesome alternative to freezing or canning foods .

Freeze-dried Foods Are Not The Same As Dehydrated Foods

How convenient is this method?

The dried fruits and vegetables are convenient to pick and consume on the go, and these foods don’t need to be refrigerated. They are not sticky or messy, and they don’t weigh much nor do they take a lot of space.

Dried superfoods provide energy fast?

When you need quick energy, the dried fruits and vegetables are the perfect with the calorie, nutrient, and sugar content becoming much more concentrated. A high calorie fruit snack is awesome for those who are out skiing, hiking, biking, emergency supplies or sightseeing.

What is the nutritional value of dried fruits?

The nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables remain intact when they are dried. Contrary to the belief, the dried fruits and vegetables actually retain all the iron and fiber.

The presence of fiber means lowered risk of certain cancers such as gastrointestinal cancers, colorectal cancer and others. Furthermore, the druid fruits contain no cholesterol, no fat or sodium, and there is no additional preservatives used.

10 Reasons To Choose Freeze-Dried Foods To Survive Disasters

Which superfoods are best for dehydrating?

When you want the highest nutrition from dried fruits and vegetables , select the veggies that are best in flavor and quality. There are many options to choose from, and these include broccoli , peas, tomatoes, green peas, bell peppers and kale.