How Can I Learn About Herbs And Spices?

Ian Hemphill is an expert in herbs and species and if you are interested in exploring his knowledge baggage then consider reading his book – The Spice and Herb Bible.

As you flip through the pages of his book, you are introduced to nearly 97 different herbs species that are common.

Whats the exact difference between herbs and spices?

The book also explains to you the exact difference between herbs and spices. Herbs are the leaves part of a plant while species comprise other parts such as barks, buds, roots and so on.

Hemphill owns a herbs and spices shop named Herbie’s Spices in Sydney. Hemphill says the world of herbs and spices is huge and vast, and there’s so much to learn.

“Spices get their flavour from volatile oils. When they’re whole, it’s
stable and encapsulated and if you keep it air tight, it can last three
years maintaining flavour but the oils gradually oxidize and the flavour
is less fresh,” he says. But once ground, spices last 12 to 18 months,
so he advises buying infrequently used spices whole (like cloves) and
grind as needed. The best way to gauge freshness of ground spice is to
smell them.

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