How Can You Lose Weight With A Power Diet?

Lose Weight With A Power Diet

It is important to follow a proper weight loss diet if you want to lose weight within a week’s time. It would help you lose weight along with a proper exercise regimen. Starting from the morning you should continue with the right kind of diet until dinner.

This diet would proper exercise can help you shed a good amount of pounds from your body within a week’s time.

What to follow in the daytime?

It is important to start your day with lemon juice and honey in lukewarm water. This would help you to get rid of harmful acids that are produced in the body. For breakfast, you can have an omelet made with two egg whites and two slices of brown bread.

Those who want to have cornflakes or oats or wheat bran can have it with skimmed milk. Those who want to have cheese can have skimmed milk cottage cheese. You can also start your day with fresh fruit salad or sprouts. Before lunch, you can have black coffee which would help you in having better metabolism.

For lunch, you can have boiled or roasted chicken with brown bread. Those who want to have rice can have brown rice. Salad is a must for lunch. You can also have boiled lentils along with brown rice. It is good to have probiotic curd as it helps to digest the food. Soybean is also good to have at lunch.

What to have in the evening and in dinner?

It is important not to have cookies or any sweets for satisfying your hunger pang in the evening. Those who crave sweets can have some fruits for satisfying the sweet tooth. Others can have green tea with oatmeal cookies.

It is important to have your dinner early. It is good to start your dinner with soup and salad. It is good to have chicken clear soup or vegetable clear soup. Along with the soup have chicken or tuna salad. Boiled soybean is also good as a dinner option.

Before going to bed have a glass of skimmed milk. Replace aerated drink with natural fresh fruit juices and drink about 3-4 liters of water.