What Weight Loss Diet Can Help You Lose Fat But Not Muscles?

It is important not to lose your muscles while on the weight loss diet and hence you should have a proper diet regimen in place so that you do not lose the muscles. The diet regimen should take care of all your dietary needs and also you should take care of following a proper exercise regimen so that you can take care of your muscles.

What Are The Dietary Requirements For Not Losing Muscles?

To not losing muscles you need to eat about 5-7 small meals every day so that your metabolism is increased and the caloric intake is fine. It is important that you should not reduce your calorie intake if you want to keep your muscles.

Therefore you should divide the number of daily calories into small meals spread throughout the day. This would help your body to have the proper amount of fuel required to maintain muscle mass.

The diet should have about 35% protein, 45% carbohydrates, and 20% fat in every meal. In protein, you should have lead red meat, fish, eggs, skim milk, peanuts, whey, and cottage cheese.

The carbohydrates should include unrefined and high fiber products such as oatmeal, fresh fruits, whole grain, and brown rice. Weight loss shakes are also rich in carbohydrates.

Salmon, cod, nuts, seeds, liquid oils, and avocados are good sources of fats to be added to the diet. Drink plenty of water so that your body remains hydrated throughout the day.

What Else Can You Do For Losing Fat And Not Muscles?

It is better to have healthier and natural foods that are cleaner and avoid dirty and processed foods so that you can lose fat and not the muscles. Also whenever you find out that you are not only losing the fat but also the muscles because of the weight loss diet you should take diet breaks.

It might happen that your body has a caloric deficit and that might lead to loss of muscles. If you find that you are energy deficit and there is a problem with your metabolism rate, then do not continue with the diet but give it a break.

Author: Superfood