Smartphones – Ultimate Weight-Loss Tool?

Smartphones can now help you get into a sexy and enviable shape. This is possible because of the various apps that found in the smartphones. There are apps that help you in counting calories and hence with the help of these you consume lesser calories.

Other apps that you can find in the smartphones include Fooducate and Shopwell which helps in providing nutritional information and provide you the list of the foods that should be in your diet list.

The miCoach app is great help in gym as it tells you the pace and the mileage while you are running. The Sleepbot and Sleep Cycle apps would help you in tracking your sleep which helps in weight loss.

 “Many of the tools and apps available for your phone are great because they create more mindfulness and awareness, which makes people more likely to make better decisions,” says Ashley Barrient, a registered dietitian with Loyola University Medical Center and a certified personal trainer.

So how do you turn your phone into a fat-burning machine?

Count Calories? Shop better? Exercises Smarter? Sync Up? Have Fun? All with a Smartphone?

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