Is It Good To Have Peppermint If You Want To Lose Weight?

Peppermint If You Want To Lose Weight

From a study at Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia, we have found out that peppermint is good for those who want to lose weight. It is said in the study that those who are exposed to peppermint on a consistent basis consume much lesser calories of food than those who are not.

It is said that the amount is less than 2800 calories per week. According to the head of the research, the scent of the peppermint is able to increase brain activity in the area that controls alertness.

The same effect is created by the consumption of peppermint too. It is found that this alertness in the brain controls the curbing of the urge of snacking in which we often indulge ourselves for having quick energy. Another study also concluded that the mental alertness that is created by peppermint increases about 28 percent when you inhale peppermint oil.

Will Peppermint help in decreasing appetite?

It was also found in the study that there will be a decrease in the hunger pang when you inhale peppermint oil. Those participating in the study were on a diet of 1800 calories per day for seven days and those who had inhaled peppermint oil ate about 23 percent lesser calories than the others in the group. That group also admitted of having diminishing hunger pangs over a period of one week.

How to use the mint as a hunger suppressant?

When you are feeling hungry and want to go for binge eating, stop for a while, and then reach out for some mint. The scent of the mint would help you suppress your appetite.

Another thing that is very useful is to have water to prevent you from snacking. Water will fill your stomach temporarily. If you can find mind leaves then add that to the water. It would help you suppress the appetite.

Those of you who do not like to have plain mint leaves can go for mint-flavored gums. These chewing gums would not only help you reduce the cravings but will also help you suppress the hunger.

After dinner, you can also have mint-flavored gum for suppressing the cravings for sweets. The calorie count is negligible and the mint flavor would help keep your hunger pang under control.