How Can I Put Ancient Wisdom To Work?

Ancient Wisdom

Herbs have been used to cure diseases since the ancient times. In the past, there were no drug stores, or botanists, hence the herbalists used to visit gardens to pick the right leaves, seeds, berries, roots, bark or flowers that could cure an ailment.

As per a survey by World Health Organization, nearly 80 percent of the world’s population still depends on herbal medicines for their primary health care needs.

How can I put ancient wisdom to work?

Saw palmetto is one of the most commonly used herbs to improve prostate health and heal urinary tract infections. Willow bark works like an effective pain reliever and several herbs like ginger and tulsi can be
used to cure cough and cold symptoms.

According to an article on the University of Maryland Medical Center’s
web site, the use of willow bark dates back thousands of years, to 400
BC when patients were advised to chew on the bark to reduce fever and
inflammation. Interestingly, the tie-in with aspirin is that the bark of
white willow contains salicin, a chemical similar to aspirin
(acetylsalicylic acid). In combination with the herb’s powerful
anti-inflammatory plant compounds, salicin is thought to be why the herb
has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects. In the 1800s, salicin
was used to develop aspirin.

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