Aronia – The New super Berry?

Aronia berry is the new fruit that is now getting more importance as the super food in the market.  The researchers are saying that this super food has more antioxidants that the blueberries or the goji berries or the acai berries. Antioxidants are known to protect the cells from damage.

What is a chokeberry?

It was known as chokeberry and now it has changed its name to aronia berry. This was introduced to Russia and Europe since early 20th century and had been cultivated there for making juices and wines. The emergence of the aronia berry in USA is because of Andrew Pittz.”We want the aronia berry to be to Iowa’s Heartland what the peach is to Georgia.” Pittz said.


The native North American berry was introduced in Russia and eastern
Europe in the early 20th century and has been cultivated there for
juices and wines. Now, farmers throughout the upper Midwest are planting
the shrubs by the thousands every year.

But the industry’s roots in the
U.S. can be traced to Sawmill Hollow Family Farm in the Loess Hills of
western Iowa, where most in the industry believe the first bushes were
planted for commercial cultivation in the …………. read more about the healthy Aronia:

Author: Superfood