How Can Chocolates Help You Get Back To Shape?

Chocolates Help You Get Back To Shape

It might sound strange that chocolates help in weight loss but it is true. It is found out in the research that dark chocolates have innumerable health benefits and hence they actually are beneficial in weight loss.

Hence if you have a sweet tooth and still want to lose weight it is better that you switch from white to dark chocolate which would satiate your craving for chocolate as well as help you in your weight loss too. But remember not to eat white chocolates as they do not help in the weight loss at all.

What are the benefits rendered by dark chocolate?

Insulin resistance reduction: If you have craving for sugary food then you are asking for trouble since you are risking an increase in your blood sugar level. If you have a sweet tooth then you can have dark chocolates.

Research conducted showed that those who eat dark chocolates have lower insulin resistance as well as lower blood pressure as compared to those who have white chocolates. Dark chocolates also help in reducing serum insulin which causes resistance to insulin to decrease.

Feeling of fullness and hence no food craving: Having dark chocolates in between meals prevent craving for food in between meals for those who want to stay away from binge eating.

It is found that dark chocolates are more filling than white chocolates and hence if you have dark chocolates you would not tend to overeat. Also, dark chocolate eaters have lesser cravings for foods such as pizza, burgers, and so on which have high amounts of trans-fat.

Reduction of stress and cortisol levels: It is seen in a study that dark chocolate is beneficial for controlling stress.  Research carried on over 30 people showed that if you consume about 1.4 ounces of dark chocolates daily for at least two weeks you can control your anxiety. It would also reduce the excretion of cortisol which is stress-related. Cortisol increases the level of insulin in the human body which gives rise to our craving for overeating.

MUFA helps in burn fat: Dark chocolates have a good amount of MUFA in them which helps in burning the fat and the calories that you take in your food. It also helps in curbing the cravings for other sweet foods.