Do You Know These 12 Reasons to 💖 Love 🍌 Bananas ❓

Banana carbs

The high sugar content in bananas can be used especially in sports. Long sports units such as bike tours or mountain hikes can cause hypoglycemia symptoms, such as restlessness and nervousness, and you feel shaky and weak on your feet. But hypoglycemia can be avoided by taking breaks in good time and eating light meals like bananas. Even after or before endurance training, bananas help to keep the energy level in a healthy balance.

In a study with 14 well-trained cyclists, for example, researchers from Appalachian State University found that after eating bananas they experienced a greater energy boost than after a typical sports drink. Over a distance of 75 kilometers, the athletes either drank a glass of a sports drink or ate half a banana every 15 minutes.

According to scientists, bananas are not only rich in carbohydrates, but also in fiber, vital substances, and antioxidants. In addition, there is a much healthier sugar mixture in bananas than in sports drinks, which are nothing more than sugar water with flavor enhancers. Athletes of all kinds are therefore advised to rely on natural carbohydrate sources such as the banana.



Author: Superfood