Do You Know These 12 Reasons to 💖 Love 🍌 Bananas ❓

Most of us know bananas are rich in potassium, packed with vitamins, and high in flavor.

However, there are plenty of other unexpected reasons to love this popular fruit. Here are 12 of them. Did you know:

Bananas Assist With Weight Loss?

Bananas are a nutritious snack option at about 100 calories a serving. But, they’ve got much more than that going for them.

The average banana contains three grams of fiber, much more than the 0.9 grams in a plum and the 0.6 grams in a cup of sliced watermelon.

With all that fiber, bananas will help you feel full and keep cravings at bay.
Chicago’s Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation found you don’t even need to eat one to get the effect.

Just sniff a banana when you’re hungry and you can fool your brain into thinking you’ve already eaten one.

Bananas Ease Hangovers?

The high levels of potassium in bananas aren’t just useful for aiding organ, tissue, and cell function.

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This element is one of the valuable electrolytes your body loses on a night of night drinking.

Bananas also improve bowel function, so they’ll sort out a hangover-induced upset stomach.

Because Potassium isn’t produced naturally by the body, thats why it is very important to eat potassium-rich foods.

When you eat not enough potassium, this can lead to serious health situations.

Potassium is an electrolyte because it’s highly reactive in water and when in water, it produces positively charged ions. That’s the reason, why the potassium rich Banana can help to ease a hangover. Good to know, right?

Are Bananas Brainfood?

Bananas release energy slowly, so they help the brain stay alert for longer.

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The high potassium levels also energize the brain, which makes us more alert and receptive to learning, while the magnesium improves focus.

Various studies show students improve their exam grades when they eat bananas throughout the day.
You shouldn’t stop chowing down when you graduate though.

The Linus Pauling Institute found that the high levels of Vitamin B6 help prevent memory loss in old age.

Bananas Give You Energy?

Jamaican Olympic sprinter Yohan Blake reportedly eats 16 bananas a day.

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Champion tennis players Roger Federer, Novac Djokovic, and Maria Sharapova have also been snapped munching on bananas courtside. So why do so many athletes reach for this superfood ?

It seems they know bananas give you energy, the right way. Every banana contains three different kinds of sugar. Glucose and fructose are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, so they’ll give you an energy boost fast.

Sucrose acts more slowly, so it keeps your blood sugar level stable and ensures you don’t suffer the crash that comes with other sweet treats like candy and soda.

Studies back up the science too. The Appalachian State University Human Performance Lab recently found that eating half a banana every 15 minutes during a cycling time trial test aided performance just as much as drinking a sports energy drink at the same intervals.

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Bananas Boost Libido?

A banana’s sexy shape is your first clue of its natural aphrodisiac properties.

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Its potassium and B vitamins are essential to sexual hormone production, so eating bananas is a great way to give your libido a lift.

Bananas can provide up to 10 percent of your daily recommended amount. But, they are also rich in Vitamin C (10 percent of your daily needs) and rich in fiber ( ca. 3 grams from a 6-inch banana).

Additional they are also rich in B6, which is also important to reproductive health because it helps regulate the hormones.

An imbalance of hormones effects on both female and male reproduction on the health of the egg and sperm produced by the parents.

No wonder Indians offer bananas to their fertility gods!

Bananas Can Treat Stomach Ulcers?

As you already know, Bananas are high in potassium, magnesium and manganese.

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This wonderful fruit may also contain an enzyme that can help inhibit the growth of the bacteria that causes ulcers.

The reason for this is, Bananas are a natural antacid, which may help protect against ulcer development.

Traditional Ayurvedic doctors in India have known of the healing power of dried green banana powder for generations.

Recently British research confirmed that the powder contains sitoindosides, an element which increases mucus in the digestive tract.

This creates a protective coating which prevents and heals peptic ulcers.

Dried green banana pills are available, although eating whole bananas and banana chips are also likely to have some benefits.

Bananas are a Natural Heart Burn Remedy?

Almost 40 percent of Americans struggle with the symptoms of heartburn at least once a month. When this health hazard hits, don’t reach for an antacid.

Eating a banana is a chemical-free solution to this common complaint.

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The extra mucus that prevents and heals peptic ulcers will also protect your stomach from too much acid.

The high potassium level in a ripe banana will also reduce the stomach’s natural acidity.

Its fiber then speeds up digestion, which reduces the amount of acid the stomach needs to produce.

Bananas Lower Blood Pressure?

If your blood pressure’s on the high side, make sure bananas are in your shopping cart.

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A local study found that eating five bananas daily was half as effective as taking prescription medication for hypertension.

This research was supported by an Indian study which found eating just two bananas a day reduces blood pressure by 10 percent in as little as a week.

Bananas are low in sodium and high in potassium, so they’re perfect for 67 million Americans suffering the condition.

Bananas Help You Quit Smoking?

Why spend money on nicotine patches when there’s a much more nutritious solution?

The combination of potassium, magnesium, and vitamins B6 and B12 is a potent mix which fights the effects of nicotine withdrawal. When you feel the urge to suck on a cigarette, just stick a banana in your mouth instead.

Bananas Ward Off Neurological Disorders?

Bananas are rich in magnesium, a substance which the body uses to convert dietary fatty acids into a substance in the brain cells called DHA.

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Researchers have found a link between DHA deficiency and a host of neurological disorders including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and Alzheimer’s disease.

Similarly in 2010, Japanese researchers also found people with diets lacking in vitamin B6 were at greater risk of Parkinson’s disease. This vitamin is known to prevent potential dangerous levels of the amino acid homocysteine in the brain. Preventing all these neurological disorders could be as simple as eating more bananas.

Bananas Make You Happy?

Bananas contain tryptophan, a substance which the body converts into the feel-good hormone serotonin. No matter who you are, you’ll enjoy the calming effects and positive vibes this natural mood booster brings.

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But it’s especially important for folks suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder and depression, as these conditions are caused by a drop in natural serotonin levels.

The National Association of Mental Health discovered people with depression felt better after eating a banana.

With chemical antidepressants taking six to eight weeks to kick in, perhaps sufferers would be better off reaching for a quick banana fix!

Banana Peels Also Have Benefits?

Banana peels can do much more than offering comic relief in slapstick films. Rub the inside of the banana peel over a mosquito bite to soothe the itch.

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The inside of a banana peel can also heal planter warts.

If you’re free of such health complaints, it’s still worth keeping your peels out of landfill. Instead bury them in your garden; they make a great natural fertilizer.

With all those advantages, why not peel yourself a banana today? 

Banana Bread

The ripe the bananas, the better the banana bread does without household sugar. That is why the overripe fruit is a must for this banana bread recipe without sugar, and not just because of its consistency. If you like, you can also sweeten with honey or maple syrup. If you also want to bake without fat, replace the butter with 100 g unsweetened apple porridge.

The ripe the bananas, the better. Because just overripe bananas give the bread the sweetness. Adding sugar is then no longer necessary.

Together with eggs, nuts, spelled flour and cinnamon, the banana bread becomes soul food, which is more wholesome than the classic breakfast with jam or cornflakes and a healthy alternative to cakes and cookies.

How many calories does a banana have?

Bananas are one of the calorie bombs among fruit varieties. Because 100 grams of the sweet-tasting fruit have an average of 88 to 95 kilocalories (kcal). Since the weight of a normal banana is between 100 and 130 grams, the consumption of such a fruit adds up to around 88 to 124 kilocalories.

Anyone who is on a diet should avoid dried bananas (banana chips): since the water has been removed from them, their fructose content is all the more concentrated. 100 grams of dried bananas therefore make up around 290 kilocalories.

Even though bananas are high in calories, they are not healthier than other fruits. Because bananas are also rich in healthy ingredients.

Banana Tree

The banana tree is a fast growing plant. It is suitable for indoor culture as well as for outdoor rearing – at least if it is a hardy specimen. In terms of care, the banana tree is relatively modest. But of course it still makes its demands.

Bananas are a separate genus within the family of banana plants (Musaceae). There are around 70 species in all. Most are native to tropical to subtropical Asia and the western Pacific, one comes from Tanzania.

The banana plant started its journey around the world as early as the 6th century. She also found her way to Germany. Many banana trees develop edible fruits and are grown specifically for this reason. In fact, people love bananas – whether raw and pure or as an ice cream, yogurt or other food ingredient.

Bananas Nutrition

Bananas are one of the foods that contain the most of the happiness hormone dopamine. Here, too, the ripe fruits are ahead. Analyzes at Kobe University in Japan have shown that the pulp of 100 grams of ripe bananas hides up to 10 milligrams of dopamine. Furthermore, bananas contain practically all vitamins of the B complex, which are essential for the central nervous system (exception: vitamin B12).

It is therefore not surprising that bananas have long been used in traditional medicine to strengthen the nerves and against depression. The banana peel even contains up to 560 milligrams of dopamine. Scientists therefore see great potential in preventing and curing diseases like Parkinson’s. The fruit is very popular in our latitudes, but the banana leaves are still unknown remedies in this country.

Banana carbs

The high sugar content in bananas can be used especially in sports. Long sports units such as bike tours or mountain hikes can cause hypoglycaemia symptoms, such as restlessness and nervousness, and you feel shaky and weak on your feet. But hypoglycemia can be avoided by taking breaks in good time and eating light meals like bananas. Even after or before endurance training, bananas help to keep the energy level in a healthy balance

In a study with 14 well-trained cyclists, for example, researchers from Appalachian State University found that after eating bananas they experienced a greater energy boost than after a typical sports drink. Over a distance of 75 kilometers, the athletes either drank a glass of a sports drink or ate half a banana every 15 minutes.

According to the scientists, bananas are not only rich in carbohydrates, but also in fiber, vital substances and antioxidants. In addition, there is a much healthier sugar mixture in bananas than in sports drinks, which are nothing more than sugar water with flavor enhancers. Athletes of all kinds are therefore advised to rely on natural carbohydrate sources such as the banana.

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