Do You Know These 12 Reasons to 💖 Love 🍌 Bananas ❓

Banana Bread

The ripe the bananas, the better the banana bread does without household sugar. That is why the overripe fruit is a must for this banana bread recipe without sugar, and not just because of its consistency. If you like, you can also sweeten with honey or maple syrup. If you also want to bake without fat, replace the butter with 100 g unsweetened apple porridge.

The ripe the bananas, the better. Because just overripe bananas give the bread the sweetness. Adding sugar is then no longer necessary.

Together with eggs, nuts, spelled flour, and cinnamon, the banana bread becomes soul food, which is more wholesome than the classic breakfast with jam or cornflakes and a healthy alternative to cakes and cookies.

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Author: Superfood