Do You Know These 12 Reasons to 💖 Love 🍌 Bananas ❓

Bananas Nutrition

Bananas are one of the foods that contain the most of the happiness hormone dopamine. Here, too, the ripe fruits are ahead. Analyzes at Kobe University in Japan have shown that the pulp of 100 grams of ripe bananas hides up to 10 milligrams of dopamine. Furthermore, bananas contain practically all vitamins of the B complex, which are essential for the central nervous system (exception: vitamin B12).

It is therefore not surprising that bananas have long been used in traditional medicine to strengthen the nerves and against depression. The banana peel even contains up to 560 milligrams of dopamine. Scientists, therefore, see great potential in preventing and curing diseases like Parkinson’s.

The fruit is very popular in our latitudes, but the banana leaves are still unknown remedies in this country.

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Author: Superfood