What Are The 🥦 Green Superfoods ❓

Wheat grass:

When the wheat seed sprouts, you get the highly nutritious wheat grass. They do not contain any allergic agents or gluten, unlike the whole grains.

Wheat grass is highly beneficial for promoting healthy blood, and it helps in stabilizing the thyroid gland to promote metabolism.

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It also aids in digestion and promotes weight loss due to its cleansing effect and high enzyme content.

We will learn more about this superfood in the upcoming chapters. We will learn more about this superfood in detail later in this book.

Barley grass:

Barley grass is super green food as it contains about eleven times more calcium than cow’s milk; seven times more bio-flavonoids and Vitamin C than orange juice; and five times more iron than spinach.

Furthermore, it contains high amounts of Vitamin B12, which makes it an important food for vegetarians.

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It also contains anti-viral properties that help neutralizes heavy metals like mercury in the blood.

Wild blue-green algae:

Algae are known as the first form of life on Earth and they are a powerhouse of nutrition.

Phyto-plankton, the wild blue-green algae contains essential nutrients, including 60 percent protein content and a whole amino acid profile that are better than soy beans or beef.

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They are also rich in beta carotene, chlorophyll, and B vitamins. They are known to boost the memory and brain function, enhance the immune system, and provide protection against viruses, colds and flu.


This is a cultivated form of micro-algae that has been used by the indigenous people in Africa and Mexico since centuries. It contains the highest amount of protein sources available in the planet.

As this superfood helps regulate the blood sugar levels, it is recommended for diabetics to help them in weight loss and as a nutritional supplement.


This is fresh water algae and similar to other forms of algae found on earth, it also contains an all-inclusive protein profile including B vitamins, vitamin C and E, and other important minerals.

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It works great for supporting the immune system, and aids in reducing cholesterol and avoiding the hardening of the arteries, heart attacks and strokes.

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