What Are The 🥦 Green Superfoods ❓

We have heard our parents and doctors say that greens are good for health, and green superfoods are much better! If you eat fresh leafy greens every day, you can easily prevent a lot of health problems and diseases.

The green superfoods contain high amounts of fat burning elements, easily digestible nutrients, vitamins and minerals that heal the body and keep you healthy inside out.

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Green superfoods also contain several other beneficial compounds including healthy bacteria, protective photo-chemicals, and proteins that aid in building healthier muscles and tissues.

They help boost your immune system, digestive function, and keep you protected against illness.

Super green foods are rich sources of antioxidants, carotenoids, selenium, and zinc. Their protein content is 95% assimilable.

These green superfoods have a superior biological value than any other vegetable protein. They are also comprised of over 2,000 enzymes that are helpful in balancing the pH level in the body.

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These foods are tremendously rich in chlorophyll, the pigment that imparts green color to the foods.

Its molecular structure is quite similar to human blood, and studies have proved that when consumed, chlorophyll aids in increasing the hemoglobin count in blood, which in turn means oxygen-rich blood.

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