Can These 🥧 Foods 🍔 Ruin Your Sex Life?

Are you forced to end the better part of your Sunday in a state of despair? Is your sex life falling into pieces and you feel helpless? Studies have revealed that there’s a strong connection between what you eat and how you feel so boosting your mood and getting into some action depends entirely on you. Start paying attention to what you eat and stay away from these foods that can ruin your sex life.

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Bacon cheeseburgers:

Yes, we know they are those easy and fulfilling breakfasts on a Monday morning on your way to the office but the saturated fats in the cheeses and fatty meats can not only clog your arteries but also greatly damage your penal and vaginal arteries.

They gather plaque quickly and if you are still in a great shape despite off your McDonald’s connection, this means that your sex life could be suffering.

Grab-and-go muffins:

You must have heard and read a lot about the negative effects of trans-fats, but have you ever thought of applying that in real life. The processed baked goods are loaded with trans fats that clog the heart arteries. They are also known to decrease testosterone levels, which imply lowered sex drive.

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Your favorite soy latte:

Yes, your favorite may actually be doing a lot of harm to you. The soy-based products are high in estrogen levels and they can cause the male sex drive to go down.

According to the rumors, the Buddhist monks eat tofu to restrain their sex drives. So, if you are suffering from a lowered sex drive then your soy latte is to be blamed, and who knows this may also be affecting your chances of getting pregnant?

Sex is an important part of our lives, and good sex is vital for a good marriage, so ditch these foods that ruin your sex life and incorporate superfoods like maca, apples, citrus fruits, and bananas in your diet to boost your libido and have fun-filled Sundays!

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