Herb can mitigate the effects of gamma radiation?

mangostan.jpgScientists from Ladakh, India claim to have found a wonder herb in the hostile environments atop Himalayan Mountain. They claim that the herb can be used to regulate the immune system of the body, protect from radioactivity and help individuals to acclimatize to the mountain environment.

Qualities of this herb were unknown?

Known as ‘solo’ in Ladkah, the qualities of this herb were unknown until now. Scientists are carrying out more research at the Leh-based Defence Institute to determine the other medicinal an healing properties of the herb – Rhodiola. Sunil Hota, who works at the Leh-based lab says “”Our research reveals its potential for anti-aging, tissue regeneration, protecting neurons during lack of oxygen, and cognitive improvement.”

Srivastava said the herb can mitigate the effects of gamma radiation used in bombs in biochemical warfare.

“A concerted effort involving conservation, propagation and sustainable utilization of this unique medicinal herb will surely result in rediscovery of sanjeevani for the troops deployed in extreme climatic condition along Himalayan frontiers,” said the director.

The Leh-based lab of the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), the world’s highest agro-animal research laboratory, has been researching on this wonder plant for more than a decade.

“While its adaptogenic qualities can help the soldiers in adjusting to the low pressure-low oxygen environment, the plant has also been found to have anti-depressant and appetizer properties,” said Srivastava.

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