What Is The Secret Of Lavender Oil?

When it comes to essential oils, the name of Lavendar stands tall due to its various medical benefits. Besides its fragrance, Lavendar oil is popular for its many other characteristics. It is a powerful anti-bacterial agent that can heal burns, cuts and bruises.

Sense of peace and tranquility?

Lavendar essence also helps in fighting stress and related problems such as insomnia, tension and so on. The aroma lends a sense of peace and tranquility. The essential oil is also an amazing pain reliever that can be sued to alleviate pains such as headaches and other soreness.  The sweet smell and calming effect provides relief instantly as applied on the affected area.

Lavender the Pain Killer?

Mention lavender essential oils and it seems to be a bit impossible to see it as a good substance to fight pain especially because of how sweet and calming it is deemed to be, but proof has been made that lavender oils are excellent when it comes to alleviating pain.

It is said to be a perfect solution to headaches, for bruises and sprains and even for all types of soreness. Lavender essence acts rightfully to counteract pain reception in the body and provide relief once applied to the affected area.

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