Self-Care Activities – Physical Activities


When you practice self-care, you do things that take care of our physical, mental and emotional needs. The ways in which you do self-care vary from person to person.

What works best for someone else may not work best for you, so it is important to keep an open mind and an ongoing commitment to self-care.

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The next category of self-activities are physical activities. This is where you look at ways not only to improve your physical health, but activities that are more physical and active for self-care.

This doesn’t mean you need to be excessive with fitness for several hours a day, but just moving your body so that you can truly benefit from the exercise.

Don’t forget that exercise has a host of health benefits, including:

Releasing endorphins to make you happy
Providing you with more energy throughout the day
Giving you an activity to do outdoors, where you get vitamin D

Here are some physical activities that can be great for self-care.

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Relaxing is key to keeping a healthy mind, but another component to self-care is taking care of your body. You’ve probably been told that yoga is good for you ad nauseam. Yoga really does have amazing health benefits that you can achieve by practicing a few times a week.

Increased flexibility and strength are two things that you can achieve with yoga. Not only is yoga good for your body, but its practice helps you relax and can help alleviate stress.

If you have never done yoga before you can find guidance online at a number of different blogs and websites. Yoga is a practice that is for everyone, regardless of skill level or ability so there’s no need to be intimidated. You can practice at home or at a yoga studio near you.

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You can also try heading to a local studio, where you benefit from the social interaction, and by getting professional instruction.

Walking, Hiking, Biking

Taking a walk can actually be quite a peaceful exercise that has numerous benefits for your body. If you’ve had a stressful day at work and need to clear your head, throw on your running shoes and headphones and head outside for a walk.

Walking for even thirty minutes gives you time to decompress while getting some decent exercise along the way. Doing some light cardio is really great for your overall health as well. If you are more physically active, running is also an amazing exercise that offers the same benefits.

Exercising regularly is an important part of self-care. If you have a bike, going for a leisurely bike ride is a wonderful way to exercise.

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Biking nature trails near your home or through the streets of your city gives you an opportunity to explore places you’ve never been before. Biking is another activity that can easily be done solo or with a group.

Hiking is a physical activity that can help you foster more self-care in your life. Hikes can be enjoyed solo or with a friend. You’ll get exercise while enjoying some of the best parts of nature. You can hike literally anywhere, it does not matter where you live.

Rural areas tend to have some very picturesque hiking spots, but cities also can have great trails for you to explore. Everyone can benefit from taking time out of their day to enjoy nature’s treasures and burning some calories at the same time.