How Can I Heal 🌞 Sunburn 🔥 Naturally At Home?

Who doesn’t love summer and hours of sun bathing in the beaches? But alas! Sun can be harsh at times and bake you with a red angry burn.

So, if are really wanting to get some vitamin D and sunbathe this summer, make sure you do not overdo it or else it may give you ugly sunburn that may be difficult to get rid of.

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Aloe Vera to soothe your sunburn face? Baking soda to alleviate the pain? Yogurt has cooling properties? Apple cider vinegar for sunburn treatment? Green tea prevents sunburn peeling? Potato peels are age old remedies for sunburn? Vitamin E can heal bad sunburn? Oatmeal essence for a cooling sunburn relief bath?

It is recommended that you always carry a good sunscreen while going to the beaches to avoid sunburn on face and other exposed parts of the body, however if you do get some bad sunburn due to unavoidable circumstances then worry not because there are remedies that can heal sunburn naturally.

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Sunburns can be really troublesome red patches that make your skin look ugly and the bets form of sunburn treatment is to stop it even before it starts. Untreated sun burn may lead to fatal problems such as premature aging and skin cancer, not to mention lots of pain that you have to go through because of it.

In this post we bring you some easy and simple natural remedies that can provide sunburn relief instantly and prevent the ugly red patches.

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Aloe Vera to soothe your sunburn face?

This is one of the most effective natural sunburn remedies and it is readily available in the form of a tube or jar of gel. The most effective is however a freshly cut aloe vera leaf that you can apply directly on the sun burnt area. This indoor herbal plant is known for its awesome antioxidant and anti-inflammation properties. It soothes the skin and help treat sunburn naturally.

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