Why Dark 🍫 Chocolate Is Called An 💪 Aphrodisiac ❓


Dark chocolate is perhaps the most delicious and pleasing superfoods of all. Talk to the lovers of chocolates and they will tell you how the smell and taste of this sensuous superfood stimulates their moods.

The mood enhancing properties of dark chocolate has also earned it the title of being an ‘aphrodisiac food’ while some call it the food of Gods.

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What makes dark chocolate an aphrodisiac?

They are mainly made from several raw and processed cocoa beans derived from the tropical cocoa tree. Thus, the chocolate is loaded with antioxidants that help in uplifting the mood and offer several other health benefits.

The raw dark chocolate usually has a bitter taste and it takes time for some people to develop a liking for the taste.

Food of the ancient Mayans?

Raw chocolates have been revered for their aphrodisiac qualities since the ancient times. The Mayans used to drink chocolate beverage and this mainly reserved for the upper class and royalties.

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Cocoa beans were considered equivalent to gold and they were highly treasured during that time. Over the years, chocolates have spread throughout the world and today the aphrodisiac qualities are mainly connected to the pleasures that the chocolate provides when consumed.

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