How Can I Heal 🌞 Sunburn 🔥 Naturally At Home?

Green it may also be used for healing sunburn on face naturally. Make a pot of green tea, soak a piece of cloth with the tea and apply on the affected area. If your body requires sunburn treatment after a beach holiday, you may try a tea bath.

Add a few green tea bags in the bath tub and sit in the bathwater to get relief from the pain and speed up healing.

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Potato peels are age old remedies for sunburn?

Potato peels are tried and tested sunburn remedy and they provide the much required moisture for the skin and also soothe with its anti-bacterial properties. So, try some potato peels and enjoy the cooling effect. Similarly, you may also use slices of cucumber to heal sunburn on face. You may also puree some cucumber slices and apply the paste on the affected area to soothe the skin and get relief.

Vitamin E can heal bad sunburn?

Vitamin E gel or fluid is another effective sunburn treatment for even the extreme cases of sunburn that went unattended early. It can soothe sunburn peeling and blistering conditions as well. To get quick relief from bad sunburn, pierce a vitamin E gel capsules and apply it on the affected area directly for best results. Always use the natural vitamin E, and not the synthetic version.

Oatmeal essence for a cooling sunburn relief bath?

When your entire body is sunburned, one of the best natural remedies to provide relief is oatmeal. Add oatmeal essence to cool bathwater and soak in it for about 30 minutes and then rinse off with cold water. Although this may seem like an unusual sunburn treatment, many people swear by it.

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The above mentioned homemade remedies for sunburn can provide effective relief within hours. So, get ready to hit the beaches and let your skin get some sun. And, of course don’t forget to put on a good sunscreen when you step out of your home because prevention is anytime better than cure!

Author: Superfood