Superfood 🍈 Recipes – Easy & Quick Healthy 📇 Recipes! ( Video )

Let’s get into the first off we are making it as chocolate chip putting it is so decadent and yummy so i’m using a 1 cup of almond milk and i love the Kalisa farms on the milk is my favorite almond milk.

Right now guys it’s so delicious highly recommend it and then I’m adding in it two tablespoons of cocoa powder.

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Bligh hundred percent organic fairtrade cocoa powder and sugar and off anything else in there it’s just cocoa powder and then I’m putting in 1 tablespoon of maca powder which is great for energy and balancing hormones.

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And then of course him to start to show something in some mamma chia chia seeds and i’m putting about 4 tablespoons business and then I was going it to stir it up.

Until everything is kind of combined and mixed together evenly with the cocoa and the maca powder and i want to show that about 20 minutes but you could even do it overnight.

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And then having breakfast and then adding in a couple pinches of pearl powder which is really great for beautifying like your skin making it glow and getting rid of and hyperpigmentation i’m adding that into a bowl.

Basically so you guys can see it better be would definitely eat it out of the mason jar and I’m topping it with some of fresh brassberries that you can do any other kind of berry i will all with some of flaked coconut i love the combo of the chocolate with raspberries and the coconut it’s super yummy and it tastes really nice. Learn more in the video!