Hourglass Figure Diet Plan Possible?

Is there a diet for a hourglass figure? It is important to eat right if you want to maintain your weight and hourglass figure and for eating right you need to maintain a healthy diet plan.


Tips for the hourglass body diet

In addition to a firm bottom, flat stomach and tight thighs, a narrow waist is also at the top of the wish list of many sporty men and women. First of all, the good news: a narrow waist doesn’t have to be a dream! The bad news: there is no sport or “magic exercises” with which you can specifically train a narrow waist. Various factors play a role here, which we will show you below.

Size Zero was yesterday?

Size Zero was yesterday – today women are again striving for more feminine figures with beautiful but tight curves. A narrow waist is the icing on the cake to perfectly stage a trained female figure. A narrow waist means much more. Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin (USA) found after a literature study that a narrow waist has always been seen as a sign of good health.

But the dream of a narrow waist is not only popular with women. A well-trained body with muscular properties and a narrow waist is also the idea of ​​many body-conscious men. The training goal of many is the so-called V-shape: a broad, well-trained cross and a narrow waist.

In fact, genetic predisposition plays a big role with a narrow waist. As with all other beauty ideals, there are people who naturally have a narrow waist even without training and others find this dream unattainable.

The fact is that you are born with a certain body shape. Whether you are A-type (or pear type), V-type (apple type), H-type (banana type), O-type (oval shape) or X-type (hourglass), the genetics cannot be changed. Nevertheless, everyone has the opportunity to optimize their figure. One only takes longer than the other.

The body fat percentage also plays a major role. If you have too much body fat, the narrow waist is hidden under unnecessary love handles. Your muscles only come into their own when there is a lower percentage of body fat and thus enable a thinner middle of the body.

Genetics or training – 3 hourglass figure key factors

So you can contribute to a narrow waist despite genetics. However, this is not only possible with targeted exercises of the abdominal muscles or a certain sport. Rather, it is an interaction of these 3 factors:

1. Change of diet:

If you have too much excess body fat around your waist, you have to lose weight and you have to change your diet. With a balanced, low-calorie diet, you lower your body fat and lose weight. Determines your personal calorie needs, because to lose weight you have to eat in the calorie deficit, i.e.

You have to consume fewer calories than you burn daily. Above all, cut out sugar from your diet. The sweet “drug” leads to fluctuations in blood sugar and thus to food cravings. In addition, women in particular put even more belly fat through sugar.

2. Continuous training:

You cannot avoid regular exercise to shape your body. Pay attention to the right combination of endurance and strength training. Regular endurance training is very important, especially when it comes to lowering body fat. Work out 3-4 times a week on an elliptical machine, rowing machine or treadmill and your love handles will melt.

However, only cardio does not make muscles. If you only do endurance training, you will become thinner, but you will also quickly look lean instead of healthy and fit. Therefore, always combine your cardio units with strength training.

There are no special exercises for a narrow waist, but e.g. By training the larger muscle groups (such as the shoulders and back), the middle of the body becomes narrower and a thinner waist is created automatically. Strength exercises with dumbbells are just as effective as a workout on a multigym.

3. Proper clothing:

This is especially true for women – with the right clothes you can show off your waist particularly nicely. Avoids low-waist trousers or skirts. And women who naturally tend to have a straight waist should not wear loose clothing. Pants that sit higher on the hip make a narrow stomach and form a great waist. You should also pay attention to the correct shape for dresses.

Your waist is particularly beautiful in an A-line dress, or a dress with a narrow belt that sits at waist height. Even dresses with dark colors on the sides conjure up a slim line. And for the perfect appearance in a cocktail dress, women can also use figure-shaping underwear.

The diet plan should be followed perfectly so that you do not gather extra pounds in your body.

What should not be a part of the hourglass figure diet plan?

The first and the foremost thing is to decrease the calorie intake as extra calorie is the biggest enemy of an hourglass figure.

However, you should not try to get rid of all the curves in your body as some curves are necessary for the figure. Hence, you should cut the calories that you gather from the protein, fiber and the fat and it will help you achieve the goal.

But there should be some body fat in an hourglass figure and that fat should be in the range of about 17%-25%.

The body fat percentage should not exceed this range and therefore you need to cut the calories from your diet and lose weight.

Should Processed food part of my diet?

Processed foods should not be part of your diet. This is because the processed foods have more sugar or starch contents and that can hinder the weight loss and leads to building up of harmful toxins in the body.

The high salt content in the foods also leads to water retention and gives a bloated appearance.

What should be in your diet?

But you should not sacrifice your meals and starve yourself for having the hourglass figure. You should eat at least six small meals. This will keep your stomach full and small meals would satiate your hunger pangs too.

Also eating more meals would not allow you to become hungry in between meals and go for quick snacks which actually harm our weight loss plans. This also means that the metabolism is stimulated and the calories would burn faster.

Thus for maintaining an hourglass figure eat small and healthy meals rather than large and lesser number of meals. Eat organic foods and also eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and also drink lots of water and avoid carbonated drinks.