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Coconut oil has been discovered as” the healthiest oil on earth” which is a remarkable statement why is the coconut oil is the healthiest oil? How can coconut oil distinguish from others oils, extensively other saturated fats?

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The difference lies in the fat molecules. All of oils and fats composed of molecules called fatty acids. Fatty acids can be classified into different types; saturated fats, monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats.

It can also be classified on the basis of molecular size and length of the carbon chain in each fatty acid. The coconut contains predominately medium chain fatty acids, also called medium chain triglycerides.

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Major part of our diet is of fats and oil, however it could be saturated or unsaturated which come from animals or plants contains long chain fatty acids (lcfa).

About 90 to 100% of all the fatty acids we consume are lcfa. Coconut oil has medium size fatty acids which are extremely important for health.

Ultimate super foods have the best coconut oil, which is extracted by centrifuge makes it purest oil available. Its coconut oil comes from fresh coconuts that do not face the refining process.

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This is the healthiest oil. Ojio raw organic oil is different from other coconut oils because it does not pass through wet milling processes.

Ultimate super foods use centrifuge extraction processes to subtract the oil from the coconut. And these processes do not require the heat at all and extract the pure oil. This makes the Ultimate Super foods very proud of their product.

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