Ultimate 🥃Superfoods Coconut Oil

The word coconut refers to the whole coconut palm, the fruit, or seed which is botanically called drupe. Coconut tree, also called the tree of life has the scientific name cocos nucifera.

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Early Spanish and Portuguese people called it coco means that “monkey face” because the pitting’s (eyes) on the nut matches the head and face of the monkey and nucifera means nut acquitting.

The coconut renders a variety of nutrients like juice, meat, milk and oil that has enriched and nourished the people around the world for generations.

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On many islands of the world coconut is essential in the diet and renders the majority of nutrients eaten.it is found that one third of the world‘s population reckon on this fruit to some degree of their food and economy.

These cultures have the great respect to coconut in their long history. There are many nutrients in coconut like fibers, minerals and vitamins. It is also referred as functional food because it renders various types of health benefits beyond its nutritional smug.

Coconut oil is the special content of the coconut because it contains the healing attributes far beyond that of other dietary oil and is in traditional medicine among pacific and Asian people in a widespread way.

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The people of pacific islands believe coconut oil to be remedy for all sickness that’s why coconut palm is also called the tree of life.

Recently modern medical science gave the secrets to coconuts many healing powers.

It was mistakenly believed that coconut has high saturated fat content, but later found that the fat present in coconut is unique and different from all other saturated fats and it possess healthy properties . It is now gained the recognition as a nutrients health food.

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