⚠️ From Super Ordinary To 🍆🥕 SUPERFOODS Real Quick!

When an ordinary food is suddenly tagged as a member of the “superfoods” group of health foods, it can change its market value abruptly.

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– Since the term “superfoods was coined years ago, it is ganing more and more popularity.
– More and more foods are being added to the list of superfoods group.
– What happens to these foods that are recently added to the list?

Of course, when the demand shoots up, the price will also shoot up. That is basic economy every supply-demand product in the market.

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Same is true for ordinary foods that are suddenly discovered to be members of the “superfoods” family.

Does it, in any way affect a product’s market value once it is tagged to be a member of the “superfoods” family”?

The answer is a big YES!

Just like any other product in the market, once a food is in demand (maybe due to its nutritional benefits or what), it is right away deemed as more significant than the rest. This usually results to the possibility of price increased since the suppliers know that buyers will still want it amidst being slightly expensive.

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Here are examples of regular foods that were later discovered to be part of the superfoods group in Kate Krader and Ben Bartenstein’s article – https://www.bloomberg.com.