Superfood Tip: What is the Best Diet to Lose Weight?

Today. I’m gonna go over our superfood smoothie challenge, the Fat Loss The Truth version.

So you are going to learn everything there is to know that you need to know how to lose weight, do it healthy, do it fast and your gonna see why all weight loss plans work and how you can modify whatever you’re doing to make it work the best for you.

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Video Summary:

So let’s start. What we have first is I’m gonna talk about calorie restriction and fasting. Many people get very confused because there’s so many different types of diet out there.

There’s tons of them, tons of them to choose from. They all say a little bit different things. What do you believe? Here’s two diets that go completely against what most people talk about with diets. First we have the potato diet.

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This man ate nothing but potatoes and lost weight. Well that goes against everything that says you should only eat low carb because potatoes are high carb and this guy ate potatoes, lost a bunch of weight. This college professor ate predominately junk food.

He called this the Twinkie diet and he lost a bunch of weight. This goes against common sense doesn’t it, but what does this college professor know that you don’t know? I’m gonna tell you that in a minute.

The common thing among all successful diets is calorie restriction. That makes every diet work. That is why any single diet can work as long as you use calorie restriction. Learn more in the video!