Superfood Tips: 5 Foods For A Strong Body And Mind

Think of your body as a luxury vehicle that will only perform when you fill it with gas. Err not that kind, more like fuel.

In this case, foods the fuel! So do your body a favour and spare 10 minutes a day to chomp on these!

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Video summary:

There’s a reason why every mall in India is dominated by tea cafes, you can’t turn a corner without banging into one!

But that’s a good thing because tea contains high quality antioxidants called flavonoids that can reduce the risk of alzheimer’s, diabetes, cancer and also promote stronger bones, gums and teeth. So a cup a day, clearly, keeps the doctor away.

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Brew yourself a fresh hot batch, adding some honey to elevate its goodness. Or go in the opposite direction and freeze it by adding water, ice cubes and mint leaves.

Avocado’s sometimes get a bad rep because of their high level of fat content, these powerhouse’s are loaded with monounsaturated fats which are the GOOD kind of fats that keep the blood sugar levels steady. They also contain Vit K that helps prevent blood clots in the brain thereby improving memory. Learn more in the video!