Superfood That Will HELP YOU STOP DRINKING Coffee! ☕ – – – Find Out Now!


Majority of people admit that caffeine has become their normal way of kick-starting their day. If you want an alternative way to perk up your morning routines, here’s a suggestion.

– You may or you may not know it, but too much caffeine can be bad for your health.
– Some people have become so dependent on this product that it causes them more harm than good.
– Withdrawal from caffeine is difficult BUT far from impossible.

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Have you ever considered putting a stop on your regular morning routine of drinking hot coffee and perhaps replacing it with something, let’s say, HEALTHIER?

Many people would answer YES to this question… but the next thing that comes to their mind is: What will I replace my coffee with that’s healthy and at the same time, strong enough to kick-start my day?

The answer may just be within your reach: It’s Essential Oils!

Yes, you read that right. Nutrition and Health Experts have been eyeing on these products as perfect alternatives for people who want to start their day right!

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Why stop drinking coffee?

With sleep disorders

Can’t sleep at night and have hectic nervous tendencies? I am convinced that this drink can be the main cause! Doctors advise you not to drink coffee too late in the event of restlessness or insomnia, e.g. B. by 3 p.m. at the latest.

If you have trouble falling asleep, pondering in bed very often at night and don’t really sleep through the night, you should completely remove coffee from your list! I tried it myself. Even if I only drink my coffee in the morning, I notice it at night, my sleep is different. So far, no one believed me. Almost everyone argued: “The effect is then no longer there!”

In my experiment I gave up two weeks and my sleep drama came to an end! If a doctor says, “You can safely drink a cup until 3 p.m.”, don’t believe it!

 If you have large fluctuations in performance and often feel tired.

As with sugar, the caffeine surge lasts only a short time, and then more of the substance is needed to keep the effect. Unfortunately, the body quickly gets used to it. I personally am not feeling well as soon as I have exceeded my limit of one cup. I get nervous, agile and tired faster than I hoped.

There is no reason for many to give up coffee, but I find it questionable if we, like smokers and alcoholics, can no longer live without the drug and are dependent …

I also advise burnout candidates against coffee. Caffeine is an addict that the body has to break down. It promotes fluctuations in the biorhythm. How can someone who has burned out find their balance and get a feeling for their natural limits again if they dope their organism with this stimulant?

For people who have a lot to do privately and professionally, it is logically healthier in the long run to lie down briefly than to do coffee doping permanently. Try it out for at least 2 weeks! Your highs and lows will be significantly less.