Cookie 🍪 Dough 🥝 Superfoods? Wow! Are These FOR REAL ❓


Do you love to eat cookies? Here’s a surprisingly good news about it! Be prepared to get some guilt-free pleasures with this super healthy cookie dough superfoods!

– Gone are the days when healthy foods taste so bad that you’d rather NOT eat it.
– Superfoods are so popular, and there are so many surprises that come out of nowhere!
– One of the latest surprise that we’re into is this cookie dough superfood that tastes heavenly.

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Superfoods do not have to taste so bad. The old belief that healthy foods don’t taste good is now but a thing of the past.

Imagine munching into your favorite snack with absolutely no guilty feeling of any sort! Your favorite cookie dough may just be the latest discovery in superfoods and it is indeed a great news for everyone who’s caught between staying healthy and eating delicious snacks!

Basically, what makes this cookie dough fall under the category of superfood are the ingredients used in making them.

According to experts, you can actually make cookie doughs from cacao nibs, flaxseed, and hemp seeds. Those are indeed great ways to incorporate and make sure that the snack remains yummy and at the same time healthy!

Read the full process here on how to make these delicious and healthy cookie dough superfoods.