What Are The Best 💯 Anti Aging Products That Really Work?


I am turning 30 this year so you know I am taking all of the preventative measures possible to combat signs of early aging. Now when I say anti aging Don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to look 16. I’m not kidding myself.

Video Summary:

I have scoured the Internet for all the best anti aging products of the best anti aging wellness tips and I’ve compiled them all into one concise list. Right here in this video for all of you. First things first sunscreen.  I don’t care if the sun’s shining or if it’s overcast those rays are going to get actual face and do some damage.

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I just want to look really good for 30. You feel me.

So you want to make sure that SPF is a part of your daily routine. The one that I’ve been using recently is from L.A. It is their brand new Sun face sunscreen.

Plus shine control with SPF 35. Banned this stuff is literally light as air and absorbs instantly so you feel like there’s nothing on your face but it is still protecting you.

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And because of the Shine control it leaves a perfectly matte finish so it should be the last step in your skin care after your serums after your moisturizers.

Make sure you pack on this sunscreen and then you can start applying your makeup. It actually acts as a great primer bass for your makeup application. I genuinely recommend this sunscreen as you’re like summer staple because it’s affordable but it also really does its job.

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And again it just feels light as air on your skin. I feel like that’s really hard to find in sunscreen. A lot of sunscreens break me out but I know how important it is to wear it. And this won’t do that for you.

I really can’t stress enough how important sunscreen and SPF is in your day to day regimen when it comes to anti aging but I feel like I have talked about it at length now so I’m going to move on to the next thing on my list.

Anti aging for skin

Regular peeling

Whether physically or chemically, at home or at the beautician’s office: dead cells are gently removed by peeling, and the skin appears more even and radiant. Regular peeling also helps to reduce pores and promotes collagen production. And: peeled skin can better absorb all other products.

No sugar, baby!

It’s a real challenge to keep the measure. But simple carbohydrates such as white sugar, light bread and sweet drinks drive insulin up. If the blood sugar level is out of balance, you can see it quickly on the skin. The disturbed sugar balance causes inflammatory stress. These are micro-inflammations that attack the collagen and elastin in our skin and are therefore responsible for premature skin aging or acne.

Always use sun protection

Boring but true. Without regular sun protection, the skin ages faster. For light skin tone this means a protection factor between 15 and 30 SPF, in high heat and in the south it must be SPF 50.

Miracle cure retinol

In the USA in particular, pure vitamin A is often used by dermatologists to prevent premature skin aging. Around a hundred years ago, the American biochemist Elmer McCollum discovered the active ingredient retinol.

The Swiss chemist Paul Karrer was honored with the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1937 for his extensive research on retinol. Many clinical studies prove the effect, one comes from the Michigan Medical School: subjects applied cream with retinol and placebo creams. After 24 weeks, the skin that had been treated with vitamin A was significantly firmer and contained more collagen.