Superfoods 🍆 For The Cancer Fight

Cancer survivor is defined by the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship as anyone with a history of cancer. From the time of diagnosis and for the remainder of life. Whether that is days or decades every day.

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Brand new this part of the DVD presents nutritional guidelines for patients undergoing cancer therapy. We’ll describe some of the most common nutritional problems associated with cancer and cancer treatment.

And give you some tips to help you minimize them.

Cancer means big demands on your body?

Cancer itself and the various treatments make big demands on your body. Eating healthy is especially important at this time. You need to supply your body with enough fuel so it can repair and heal. Food is fuel for the fight against cancer.

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So we have a lot of control over food and what folks to appreciate is that foods are drugs they’re not regulated by the FDA. But our body sees them as drugs. They had to be very subtle in their actions but our body is designed to respond. The stimulus of certain foods and when we have those foods flowing through our body as you recovering from chemotherapy it’ll turn on the machinery to hasten our recovery.

Eating less is the usual response?

Eating the same types and the same amounts of foods you enjoyed before your diagnosis of cancer may change or become difficult. Eating less is the usual response but eating more is not uncommon either.

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Side effects of cancer therapy. May affect your eating habits. Some foods may taste less appealing to you and cause you to eat less of them. Dietary problems you had before your diagnosis may be aggravated by cancer and its treatment.

For example if you were sensitive or intolerant to certain foods before your cancer diagnosis you may become more sensitive to them during treatment.

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Each person’s experience will be different?

Each person’s experience with food and nutrition during cancer treatment will be different based on the type of cancer that they face stage that they’re the types of treatments that they’re getting and the medications that they’re getting. And so it’s a combination of all of the above.

At first coping with changes in your eating habits may seem overwhelming. You may feel anxious about eating enough of certain foods.

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