Where Can I Find 🥝 Organic Food?


Many people are taking advantage of more readily available sources of organic food such as supermarkets and big chain health food stores. While these are more convenient, there are other places to buy organic products.

Knowing where organics are available means finding the best prices and quality. Here are some of the more common and uncommon places to buy organic produce.


Most supermarkets have finally caught on and have started stocking organic products. This is probably the most convenient place to pick up organic fruits, vegetables, milk, and other products.

You should be aware that, unlike health food stores, big chains aren’t always selective about the brands they choose, so you might not be getting the highest quality organic products.

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Health food stores

Many of the big chain and even the smaller health food stores provide extremely high quality, safe foods. Unlike many conventional grocery stores, Whole Foods Markets buy only the highest quality produce, and it shows. The problem with this is that few people can afford these prices on a regular basis.

Farmer’s markets

These are a great way to get the freshest produce at decent prices. Just be sure to ask the farmer if their crops are organic before you buy. The biggest problem is that they aren’t usually held year round so you may have to head somewhere else in the winter.

Community supported agriculture programs

If you live in an agricultural area, CSAs are a great program you’ve probably never heard of. Most farmers don’t get paid for their crop until the end of the season; this can really stretch their wallets.

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With CSAs, you pay the farmer for part of their operating costs and they give you a part of their crop. This way you get fresh vegetables throughout the growing season.

Online delivery services

What could be better than having fresh organic products delivered to your house when you need them? All you do is go put in an order online, or have a standing order, and the products are delivered to your house on a regular basis.

You can even ask them to give you whatever is in season or best at the time. The best part about these services is that many also sell all the foods you’d buy at the grocery store so you don’t need to leave your house to do the weekly shopping.

Join a co-op

Paying a small member’s fee to join a co-op can get you big discounts. This also is a great place to find local organic products when the farmer’s market isn’t open.

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If you shop around and do your research, you should be able to find high quality organic food without stretching your budget too far. If you find these foods are too much for your budget, try buying in bulk and freezing extras.

You can also start a buying club with friends and family if you can’t buy enough by yourself. Another good tip is to always buy food in season; this will get you the best price for the best quality food.